Устоите на Земята, том 2

Ken Follett - The Pillars of the Earth, volume 2

Ken Follett - The Pillars of the Earth, volume 2

Author: Ken Follett
Information in GoodreadsYes
Available in My Library: Not yet
Raiting: 5/5

Incredible book, which describes the part of the Middle Ages, in the course of which is the fight between the state and the church. The general historical events are authentic, as most of the characters in the book are fictitious.

The action is related to the ambition of a prior and two builders (a father and his stepson) to build the most beautiful cathedral for those ages, each of whom driven by his own motives – the prior is motivated by his faith in God, while the builders by the desire to build not just a cathedral, but something harmonious, beautiful and heavenly.

Around the main course of the story, the author managed to create a multy-layered tale, which unveils the thoughts and the feelings of the people, which drive them to take one or another decision, how the decisions influence on another characters. I liked too much by the complexity of the relationships between the characters, woven in the story of the cathedral building and the symbolic and real fights between the counts and church, the church and king, the king and counts. Sometimes the action is too slowly, which is little bit tedious, but it worths the inconvenience.

The process of cathedral building is relatively detailed and logicaly grounded. I was expecting more details about it, but nevertheless I liked it. The evolution of the mathematical ideas is described very well, as the contribution of the arabs to the nowadays building and mathematics as well.

I find the erotic scenes too naturalistic, although very often exactly this description strengthen the motivation of the characters in their decision taking. On the other hand, this makes the book unappropriate for kids and teenagers.

In general the Bulgarian translation of the book is good, but there are common expressions, which are translated literally and in the context they sound strange. For a person, who has an average level of knowledge in English, such translation sounds disappointing. Also the Bulgarian translation has a lot of spelling mistakes.

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