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Светът на Софи

Jostein Gaarder - Sophie's World

Jostein Gaarder - Sophie's World

Author: Jostein Gaarder
Information in GoodreadsYes
Available in My Library: Not yet
Raiting: 4/5

While I was studying in the university I had no too much time to think on fundamental questions, which each of us ask himself/herself (at least during the youth), but after my grandmother and grandfather passed away some years ago and also when I stumbled on the famous Seneca’s quote ( about the significance of the time, that we have only time on our disposal, made me think very seriously on that matter and I realized, that I cannot formulate clearly what is for me the life, what is its meaning, if I don’t know it, how to find it, how to use in the most sensible way etc.

That’s why I decided to approach to the problem analytically and to look for the answers in books, which consider the above-mentioned topics. Having idea about the theories of the ancient Greek philosophers, I decided that the philosophy is the science, which could help me find the answers. As I didn’t want to read chaotically materials for the philosophical ideas through the centuries, I looked for survey of the philosophical schools and the philosophical evolution through the time. In regards with this, “Sophie’s World” had been recommended to me, which describes the evolution of the philosophy through the ages and which much to my regret (and luck at the same time)  couldn’t give me explicit answers to the questions about the life :))

The Bulgarian translation is extremely good (which is white crow for the books published in now-a-days) and this doubles the pleasure from the reading. On a couple of places it was obvious that the translation is from English, but it was not that strong, neither the meaning was lost, so I think it was fine.

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